K.C. Bonkers Toys & Coffee - $10.00 Certificate

$5.00 $10.00

K.C. Bonkers Toys & Coffee - $10.00 Certificate
Stop in for a latte, play a board game with friends over coffee, and find smart, nostalgic, quality toys. 
Located at 119 Quincy Street in Hancock.  Call (906) 523-7039

Once upon a time, there is a gentleman named K.C. Bonker.  Atop his head sits a hat so top, he pinned on a pinwheel to make it even topper.  In one hand, a cup of coffee warms him, and in the other, a toy makes him cool.

His flying machine, the Punky Steamer, chugs, steams and punks to wherever punks, steam and chugs are needed.  K.C. Bonker likes to say "....!" to his crew of seven.

It works every time.

They happily lived after ever.  Happily ever they lived after.  After happily, they ever lived.  Something like that.  I don't know.  I'm just...the end.

And that's Our Story.

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