Chicago Beefs - $7.00 Certificate

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Chicago Beefs - $7.00 Certificate 

 ITALIAN BEEF SANDWICHES:  Born in Chicago, this famous sandwich might be the best in the world. Choice meat slow-roasted to perfection and simmered in our secret recipe of herbs and spices, sliced thin and served in it's own roasting juice on our oven-fresh bread. In Chicago, we call the juice "gravy". You haven't lived until you've had your beef dunked in gravy so the bread gets soggy and the dripping mess is as big as the taste!

Located at 414 Shelden Avenue, Houghton.  (833) 986-2333

Da Beef!

Fresh baked 6" Italian bread piled high with our mouth-watering Italian-seasoned CHICAGO BEEF! Served with your choice of hot or mild giardiniera.

Da Sausage 

1/3 lb. mildly-spiced Italian sausage on fresh bread with your choice of hot or mild gardiniera.      

Beef/Sausage "Combo" Sandwich 

2/3 lb. Beast!  Our mouthwatering Chicago Beef AND Italian Sausage together on one ginormous sandwich!  Served with your choice of hot or mild giardiniera.

Cheesy Beef Pita Melt 

1/3 lb. Italian Beef stacked on warm Pita bread over melted Provolone cheese!  If you love cheese...Try it with "Extra Cheese" or Crazy Extra Cheese!"


So many choices... 

Juicy - This is the classical style.  This is what Chicagoans consider normal.  The bread gets just a bit soggy. 

Dry - We let da gravy drip off for a few extra seconds and then lay it in the bread.  Great choice if you don't like soggy bread, or if you like to load up on extra peppers!

Dipped - We tong the whole beef sandwich (bread and all) into the gravy (au jus) and it gets crazy juicy.  The bread gets very soggy.  It is so delicious it's worth the mess.  It's the way Tony Accardo liked them.


For the veggie lovers! These sandwiches have no meat, just a blend of diced veggies including various peppers, carrots, cauliflower, celery, olives, spices and more. The mixture is pickled then packed in vegetable oil following a centuries-old Italian recipe perfected in Chicago. It might be the best part of an Italian Beef sandwich!

Garden Sangwich   

We take oven-fresh bread and "run it through the garden".  Which means we load it with your choice of hot or mild giardianiera.  We recommend trying a mixture of hot and mild to put your taste buds on point.

 Cheesy Veggie Pita Melt        

Vegetarian and delicious!  Warm Pita bread loaded with giardiniera, a tasty mix of diced peppers, celery, cauliflower, carrots, olives and pimentos over melted provolone.  Try it with extra cheese!   

Add Provolone Cheese          

Some Italian beef stands in Chicago don't even offer cheese. We do. You got a problem with that?

You ain't here for side dishes. You're here for CHICAGO BEEFS! You'll get what we got and like it!

Chips, Doritos, Cheetos and Fritos

Giardiniera (spicy veggie relish)
A generous serving of mild or hot giardiniera is included on each Beef. This is an extra serving in a little cup with a lid.

Cookies and sweets

Fluids to wash down da Beefs.

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite
16 oz. bottles of ice cold favorites.

Bottles of Water
**Squeezed from glaciers fresh daily.

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