Studio Pizza - 1 Large Greek Pizza

$10.00 $21.99

Studio Pizza - 1 Large Greek Pizza $21.99 Value (Spinach, Tomato, Artichoke Hearts, Black Olive, Feta Cheese)  (Pan crust is available for additional cost, $1.59 or $1.69 above certificate, pay at Studio Pizza).  At Studio Pizza we believe pizza is the world's most perfect food, and we work hard to make ours taste that way!  We've taken the finest tomato sauce, added in loads of perfectly blended spices, gathered incredible toppings, and taste-tested a million combinations to bring you the best possible pizza!  Choose one of our specialty pizzas for a proven perfect meal, or build your own from our toppings with your choice of our Flaky Ultra Thin Crust, or Thick Pan Style Crust (extra charge applies) & our tangy Traditional or Spicy sauces! Located at 426 Quincy Street in Hancock.  (906) 482-5100.

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