Back Road Organic Supply Retail - Yooper Chaga 4 oz

$18.00 $37.00

Back Road Organic Supply Retail - Yooper Chaga 4oz - $37.00 Value.

Made with pure Upper Michigan Chaga, Water and Alcohol.  Two time extraction method provides the most benefit to you.  Shake well before using.  1 dropper daily in water or juice, or directly into mouth.  4oz bottle with dropper included.

Chaga is a medicinal mushroom that grows on birch trees in the cooler northern regions.  UP Chaga Connection harvests only from local mushrooms in the UP and Northern Wisconsin.  They ensure only the highest quality ingredients go into their products.  Their tinctures are alcohol extracted to get maximum medicinal properties from the mushroom.  
Chaga is the KING of medicinal mushrooms it supports:
  • Immune system
  • reduces inflammation
  • supports gut health
  • normalizes blood pressure
  • supports normal cholesterol levels
  • provides antiviral protection
  • promotes detoxification of free radicals

U.P. Chaga Connection is a small family oriented company that started out in 2016  by looking for natural alternatives to things to make us feel better in life without the harsh side affects of pharmaceutical. We stumbled upon chaga, a 100% all natural supplement made from mother nature, where we began to experiment in trials and tests to perfect our product so we get the most benefits from the chaga nutrients. U.P. Chaga is the first and the original yooper chaga company in Michigan.

Located at 14081 Tangen Road in Baraga.  (906)  353-8827  For your convenience, appointments are available if you wanted to stop by outside of business hours.  

Owners Suzie & Brian Elmblad                                                                                   All Sales Michigan Tax Free and Family owned


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