Miller's Recreation - Bowling Party Package

$20.00 $45.00

Miller's Recreation - Party Package (2 Hours of bowling, 12" pizza, pitcher of your favorite beverage) - $45.00 Value. On any given night one could enter to see 40 or more people bowling, drinking and enjoying life. Hundreds if not thousands of people have bowled at Miller's at some point in their lives. Even celebrities like Frank Yankovic stopped in to enjoy Marge's cooking after his polka tours. Music and dancing would erupt at the bar. Miller's is a part of the local history. Three generations of families have spent their free time enjoying themselves at this establishment. And, three generations of the Miller family have set pins, maintained machines, bartended, coached, waited tables. Come in and enjoy our eight lanes of bowling, food, drink, and games. Located at 311 Hecla Street in Laurium.  (906) 337-4601.

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